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Sewinjs' Do Rags - Chemo Hats - Wraps
At the Beach small


Do Rag

Best Friends small

Regular size short tail

Red white and Blue left small

Regular size regular tail

Blessed Large small

Large size

Blessed Chemo small

Chemo size

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Dessert Camo FT small


Head wrappers, do rags, skull caps, camouflage, bandana, chemotherapy wraps, hats for cancer patients, alopecia head coverings for hair loss and paint ball hats. Specializing in chemotherapy, and custom made styles for adults and children of all ages.

 I offer wraps in the following sizes: “Topper” (which is a small) Regular, Large and Chemo sized (fits the entire hairline for most people that have hair loss due to illness.) Please be sure to indicate size for faster delivery.



All of the hats that I feature on my web site are individually made at the time of your purchase. You choose the style, size and I make the wrap and ship directly to you.

For International shipping please contact me for shipping costs. Because the costs vary considerably it is very hard to give a blanket estimate for the costs. I would need to send you and invoice for these charges. 

All wraps are available in “Topper”, Regular, Large and Chemotherapy sizes, unless marked otherwise.

Topper (which is a smaller size wrap), similar in size to wraps that you would find in service/truck stops.

Regular is a medium sized head wrap for most individuals also recommended for children from the ages of 2-8 when ordered with short tail. experiencing hair loss.

Large and Chemo sized. (these 2 wraps have the same size cap)

Large has a little wider and longer tie.

Chemo size has a bit wider band for better hairline coverage and narrower ties.

Fantail cap size is a bit larger than the chemo/large with a tail of 9 inches long and approximately 6 inches wide.

The default tail length for the Regular, Large and Chemo wrap is approximately 8 1/2 to 9 inches long. If you would like a shorter tail on your wrap please specify.

We specialize in chemotherapy sized wraps, hats and turbans
for cancer patients experiencing hair loss, Alopecia and balding.

We also have Sports wraps Paintball hats, Bandanas and Skullcaps

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Specializing in custom made head wraps, hats, paintball caps for illness, cancer, chemotherapy patients people suffering from alopecia. Adult or children sizes. Do rags for bikers, sports and hairloss.

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