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[Chemo and Biker Hats for Kids of all ages]
[Chemo and Biker Hats for Kids of all ages]

All wraps are available in “Topper”, Regular, Large and Chemotherapy unless stated otherwise

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Chemotherapy wrap

Welcome to Sewinj’s Do Rags!


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All wraps are available in “Topper”, Regular, Large and Chemotherapy sizes, unless marked otherwise.

Specializing in chemotherapy sized wraps hats, and turbans for cancer patients experiencing hair loss, alopecia, balding. Sports wraps and paintball hats, bandanas, skullcaps.

Head-wrappers, do-rags, skull caps, camouflage, bandanas, chemotherapy wraps, hats for cancer patients, and paint ball hats. Specializing in chemotherapy and custom made styles for adults and children of all ages!

All of the wraps that I feature on my web site are individually made at the time of your purchase. I offer wraps in the following sizes: “Topper” (which is a small) Regular, Large and Chemo sized (fits the entire hairline for most people that have hair loss due to illness.) Please be sure to indicate size for faster delivery.

Please ask about my Extra-large sized wraps!

Chemo hats for kids of ALL ages

For Children under 8 years of age I recommend that you order the wrap with a short tail, unless you need neck line coverage. Most children under 8 will be able to obtain hairline coverage with the regular size wrap. To inform me that you need the short tail, please email me at

For many more more kids wraps please go to my Biker site. Follow this link

ABC’s $11.00


Mixed-Up Walking Ducks $10.00

Mixed up Walking Ducks


Walking Ducks and Friends $10.00


Walking Ducks $10.00


The Dog Ate My Homework $11.00

Vintage Kitty $11.00

Blades $10.00

The Dog Ate My Homework 2

Tail length


This is a medium weight flannel



This is a medium weight flannel

Glamour Girl $10.00

To The Zoo $10.00

Boing Cats on Pink $10.00

Chicky Chicks $10.00

Barnyard Friends $8.00


Ballet Shoes $12.00



At The Beach $10.00


Ballet Shoes

Tail Length


Bubbles $9.00

Simple Words $10.00

School is Cool! $10.00

Simple Words School is Cool wrap





Tommy Turtle $11.00


Fancy Pups $12.00

Pink Flannel


No Fishing Allowed $12.00


Mouse and Cheese $12.00


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Safari flannel

Goodnite Teddy $11.00

Goodnite Teddy

Tail Length

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